Anthony Sabatini Stands His Ground Against Neocon Hack Mark Levin’s Criticism of His Non-Interventionist Policy 

In Florida’s 7th congressional district, there’s only one candidate who will stand up for a restrained, non-interventionist foreign policy. 

That’s State Representative Anthony Sabatini. 

During the Sunshine Summit in South Florida on July 23, 2022, the Florida State Representative was asked about foreign policy. He was specifically asked by conservative media personality and debate moderator Mark Levin about what he would do with regards to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

Sabatini took a non-interventionist stance, which caught Levin off guard. Levin then asked Sabatini to clarify his position. In response, Sabatini said that is against “any direct military or economic involvement” in Ukraine. He believes that the United States should sit this conflict out. 

Subsequently, Levin asked Sabatini if he would support US intervention in the case that Russia were to invade other Eastern European nations, likely NATO members. Sabatini then responded, “No.” Levin was clearly befuddled and asked Sabatini what’s the point of NATO. He added that Sabatini’s foreign policy vision is “the most radical foreign policy stance I have ever heard.”

“Our woke beliefs are destroying this country from within.  We cannot afford, we need to bring humility back before policy.  We can’t begin to be involved in foreign affairs over our own country’s,” responded Sabatini.

Sabatini criticized the American ruling class for causing the nation’s main problems. Levin interrupted Sabatini and stated “I’m not the politician, you’re the guy who is running for office.  I consider you an elite.”

Levin then asked, So, when is the Ok that we confront the Russians, after the missiles are fired into the United States, or when?”

Sabatini responded, “If there is no direct effect on American citizens and significant American interests, significant American interests, we don’t get involved.”

The Florida State Representative tweeted after the debate: 

“GREAT debate at the 


 #SunshineSummit today—our #AmericaFirst campaign for Congress now has a 7+ point lead in the polls (RMG Rasmussen) & it’s time to win it 🇺🇸


Also had fun sparring w/ 


 on foreign policy—he disagreed w/ my non-interventionist views ✅”

This debate illustrated why Sabatini is the best option for residents of Florida’s 7th congressional district. Not only does Sabatini have solid views on immigration and the Second Amendment, he’s a principled non-interventionist. That’s what America First is really about. Let’s face it, Russia is no threat to the US. The US possesses a vast nuclear arsenal and two moats in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to deter any kind of Russian military invasion. 

The fact is that there are factions of neoconservatives who are trying to rebrand as America First populists to hoodwink voters during election season and later govern as neocon hacks once safely in office. 

The only way this neocon plot can be stopped is by electing real America First patriots such as Anthony Sabatini. On November 8, 2022, America First voters in Florida’s 7th congressional district know what to do. 

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