Anthony Weiner Got Paid By DNC ‘Satellite Office’

Flickr/Creative Commons/Azi Paybarah

Anthony Weiner was hired by a public relations firm that effectively served as a satellite office for the Democratic National Committee during Hillary Clinton’s run for president, according to insiders and leaked emails.

It has been revealed that classified information ended up on Weiner’s laptop through his wife Huma Abedin. This opens Weiner, Abedin, and potentially Abedin’s boss Hillary Clinton up to even further criminal scrutiny.

Weiner, who is in prison for a sexting relationship with an underage girl, was inexplicably hired at the New York public relations firm MWW in July of 2015. It struck many people as odd that Weiner, who bungled his sexting scandal and resigned from Congress, would go to work doing public affairs for the likes of Tysons Food, Southern Comfort, and Jack in the Box.

Weiner only lasted two months at the firm.

It turns out that MWW was operating as a veritable satellite office for the Democratic National Committee in 2016.

The New York Post reported: “The batch of nearly 20,000 emails includes entries showing DNC regional fund-raising director Zachary Allen doing business at the Park Avenue South office of the MWW group. MWW is headed by Michael Kempner, a top fund-raiser for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, President Obama and the Democratic Party. Many of the 18 emails involving MWW show the firm’s staffer Dawn Porters e-mailing Allen to let him known that his ordered food has arrived. A source said Allen was treated like a top company executive.”

The DNC and MWW officials were colluding on food purchases, according to DNC emails leaked by Wikileaks.

Dawn Porter of MWW emailed Zach Allen at his DNC account on May 17 with the subject line “Hi: Food,” which was marked as a “High” importance message.

“Shoot, I am out – I forgot. Does it smell? I will be back in 15 minutes!,” Allen replied on his DNC email account.

“Nope not at all. I planned to order it! lol Let me know how it is. I have to tell them “no spice” when I order b/c they KILL me!!!,” Porter of MWW told Allen of the DNC.

Oftentimes in politics, radioactive figures who nevertheless have a lot of dirt on powerful people (such as, classified information) are routed to informal satellite offices, where they can continue to get paid without actually showing up on the powerful people’s payroll forms.

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