Anti-Defamation League Will Honor Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla with Courage Against Hate Award

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a special interest group that agitates in opposition to the Bill of Rights, will honor Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla with the Courage Against Hate award during their annual “Never is Now” summit in New York City on Nov. 10.

As his company was pushing experimental vaccines onto populations and reaping in obscene profits, Bourla was playing the victim with help from media outlets like the Jewish Telegraphic Agency who championed this corporate villain as a laudable hero.

“It’s disgusting to say that a request to protect the health of others by wearing masks or protect the health of yours and others by getting vaccinated, can compare with if you are Jewish, gypsy or homosexual, you are sent in a concentration camp. This is ridiculous to even make those accusations,” Bourla said of individuals who compared Big Pharma’s mandatory vaccine regime to policies implemented by Hitler during the Holocaust.

Earlier this year, Bourla was given the Genesis Prize, also called the “Jewish Nobel,” an award that “honors extraordinary individuals for their outstanding professional achievement, contribution to humanity, and commitment to Jewish values.”

“It’s a great, great honor, which I accept on behalf of everyone at Pfizer,” Bourla said.

“That’s a big essence of Jewish values, and it is embedded into what Pfizer is doing,” he added.

Big League Politics has reported on the slaughter of babies in the womb occurring due to Pfizer’s incredibly dangerous and unproven COVID vaccines:

According to public data researched by Dr. Naomi Wolf, 44 percent of the pregnant mothers who participated in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials lost their babies during the study.

Wolf has analyzed 300,000 pages of Pfizer documents with the help of crowdsourcing that were finally released in January. The Big Pharma giant attempted to delay the release of these documents for decades, but their efforts ultimately failed. Now, it is easy to see why they wanted to conceal them from the public considering how murderous their vaccine studies turned out to be.

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