Anti Freedom Journalist Attacks Utah Candidate Over America First Stances

America First congressional candidate Jason Preston is receiving a nasty attack from Salt Lake Tribune journalist Bryan Schott.

Preston is running for Utah’s 3rd against incumbent John Curtis congressional district and his campaign garnered the attention of Schott, who penned a piece titled “Roger Stone hired by Utah Rep. Curtis’ GOP challenger, internal memo shows.”

In the article, Schott highlighted some of the political connections Preston has made in an attempt to lump with so-called “right-wing extremist” actors.

Preston hired multiple staffers outside of Utah who were allegedly connected to the Proud Boys. Schott noted that The Salt Lake Tribune was able to acquire a campaign strategy memo that highlighted how Roger Stone is a “strategic advisor” for the Preston campaign and is in charge of the “overall campaign strategy.”

Stone is expected to endorse Preston with an article featured on the Gateway Pundit, which he contends is “notorious for disseminating COVID-19 misinformation and conspiracies about fraud in the 2020 election.”

Schott attempted to smear Preston’s campaign by pointing out that some of his staff such as Jacob Engels, a journalist and political operative, and Luke Rohlfing, a digital and email marketer have connections to the Proud Boys.  He describes  the Proud Boys as a “far-right” militia despite evidence showing that they operate more like a peaceful fraternal organization as opposed to an extremist groups.

Despite the facts that counter Schott’s narrative, Schott proceeded to brand the Proud Boys as such so as to link Preston’s campaign with alleged far-right elements.

In an email he released to his supporters earlier this week, Preston took Schott to task for his hit piece. The America First candidate for Utah’s 3rd district listed off some of Schott’s questionable political views:

He attacked the freedom lovers in Canada for standing up to tyranny.

He supports endless foreign wars.

He stands with Big Pharma that continues to attack our medical freedoms.

He is for boys in girls sports and pornographic material in our schools.

In his campaign email, Preston stressed that “This campaign is about the people and standing up against the political establishment.” In Preston’s view, “That is why this fake news journalist is attacking us.”

Journalist and political operative Jacob Engels, who was one of the principal targets of Schott’s hit piece, told BLP:

Bryan Schott is the representation of corporate media insanity. He is a groomer, who supports filthy pornography in public schools, which is why he is attacking me and America First candidates. By all appearances, Schott likes to malign patriots from behind the keyboard, with no courage to spout his venom in person. I really hope he gets the help he needs, as he is a habitual liar and documented digital creep, who admits to lurking online from almost a dozen different accounts. Aside from harassing America First patriots online, what else is he doing with all those accounts?

Engels added:

He is the kind of person who wants our country in endless foreign wars, pornography accessible to children, and Joe Biden and Big Tech as the arbiters of truth. Mental health services are readily available to Mr. Schott, all he needs to do is ask for the help he desperately needs.

Schott has a track record of being an unhinged leftist. He has been previously pictured wearing a Soviet Union shirt.

In February, at the height of the Freedom Convoy protests in Canada, thousands of lawful people who made financial contributions to the Canadian protests through the crowdfunding platform GiveSendGo had their information published online after the company was hacked.

Reporters from US and Canadian organizations, including Schott himself,  pounced on this list and started aggressively contacting people who even made humble contributions as $40 to the truckers peacefully protesting in Canada.

Schott previously attempted to contact doxxed Freedom Convoy donors. His outreach was naturally met with “aggressive” responses from these donors.

Schott revealed that he was mining the hacked data for a story. On February 17, Schott said that he was attempting to track donors from the list by cross-referencing their leaked credit cards with Utah zip codes.

After getting firm pushback from the donors who were annoyed by Schott’s calls and emails, Schott was dismayed and went to complain on Twitter.

Schott tweeted: “I’ve been reaching out to people from Utah who appeared on the leaked Canadian trucker donation data. Hoo boy! Some of the replies have been…aggressive to put it mildly.”

Scott ended up deleting his tweet on February 17.

Republican Congressman John Curtis, who has held office in Utah’s 3rd district since 2017, is a pro-establishment fixture that Preston will be looking to unseat. Last year he sided with the Potomac regime by voting for the January 6 Commission, which creates the conditions for a politically motivated witch hunt against otherwise peaceful protestors.

A win by Preston would be huge for the America First cause. America First needs as many congressmen as possible in order to make sure that a nationalist agenda is embraced by the Republican Party.

America First nationalists can contribute to Jason Preston’s campaign here.


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