Anti-Gun Activists Attempt To Destroy The Second Amendment With Lawsuits

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Gun controllers want to destroy the Second Amendment via litigation.

The New York Times reports how the families of those murdered during the Sandy Hook massacre want to pursue similar legal strategies that anti-tobacco activists employed against the cigarette industry.

Gun control advocates hope that like in the case of the tobacco industry their litigation efforts will uncover suspicious activity on the part of the firearms industry, while also changing public perception.

David Wheeler, whose son was killed during Sandy Hook, sees this as an opportunity to expose gun companies like Remington.

Wheeler said, “We can find out what the Remington defendants have tried every step of the way to block in discovery.”

The semi-automatic rifle that the Sandy Hook killer used was a Bushmaster AR-15 manufactured by Remington.

Joshua D. Koskoff, a lawyer representing the families, believes that the discovery stage of the litigation progress is “really the most important thing we’ve been waiting to do.”

The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act is the biggest obstacle for pro-gun control forces who want to use federal litigation to bankrupt gun manufacturers.

Under this law, gun manufacturers are shielded from most legal action when their weapons are used during a crime.

However, gun controllers are getting creative with their tactics.

The New York Times highlights how these families are now shifting gears towards accusing these companies of questionable marketing practices:

In the lawsuit, the families assert that the weapon used in the massacre was marketed in a way — with militaristic and hypermasculine slogans — that specifically reached out to troubled young men like the one who carried out the attack.

BLP previously covered how gun control advocates scored a victory in the Connecticut Supreme Court thus paving the way for future lawsuits against gun manufacturers.

This new angle of accusing gun manufacturers of unfair trade practices will likely be the go-to legal strategy for gun controllers.

The legislative strategy used by anti-gun forces since the Parkland shooting is well-documented. Now they have appeared to come across another means of undermining gun rights by using litigation.

BLP’s reports have shown that gun controllers have taken a multi-prong approach in pushing gun control by using legislative, corporate, and now legal means to move their agenda forward.

Many anti-gun interests understand that conventional means of passing gun control are not enough to make radical gun control a reality in America.

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