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Anti-Gun Parkland Activist: If You’re Against Us, ‘GET OUT’ Of Our New World

He’s going to try to kick pro-gun Americans out of the country.



In the aftermath of the Parkland, Florida shooting that left 17 people dead, a number of students have become vocal anti-gun activists. Big League Politics has extensively covered these student organizers, and the massive gun control machine backing them.

This week, TIME Magazine hosted a front page story titled “The School Shooting Generation Has Had Enough,” in which they describe the plight of the anti-gun organizers of the so-called “#NeverAgain” movement.

In that story, they highlight the main organizers, including 17-year old Cameron Kasky. While speaking to Kasky, he made his disdain for those who disagree with anti-gun views well known, stating: “The world failed us, and we’re here to make a new one that’s going to be easier on the next generation. If you’re against that, then get out.”

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So Kasky clearly doesn’t like those who are pro-gun, and would much rather they get out of the U.S. Casky is second from the right on the TIME cover.

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Texas Gun Rights Endorses Anti-Lockdown Hero Shelley Luther

Luther is running for the Texas Senate.



Earlier this month, pro-Second Amendment organization Texas Gun Rights PAC endorsed Shelley Luther in her run for Texas State Senate.

Luther gained national attention for her refusal to close down her salon in Dallas, Texas, which was in violation of Dallas, County’s lockdown order. She would end up in jail for violating the order but would later be set free after Texas Governor Greg Abbott took action to release her.

Chris McNutt, the Director of Texas Gun Rights PAC, issued a statement on Texas Gun Rights PAC’s endorsement of Luther:

It is clear Shelley Luther is the strongest pro-gun candidate running to fill the Senate District 30 seat being vacated by Pat Fallon. Texas Gun Rights PAC is proud to endorse Shelley Luther for Senate in the September 29th Special Election.

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“Even before Shelley decided to run for office, she proved she had the courage to stand up and fight against an overreaching government without backing down,” McNutt added. “So it’s no surprise Shelley Luther was also the first candidate in the Senate District 30 race to take a bold, pro-gun stance.”

Constitutional Carry is one of Luther’s legislative priorities for the 2021 legislative session. This issue has been a priority for the Texas Republican Party during the last 6 years. Drew Springer, Luther’s opponent in the Senate election, never supported Constitutional Carry.

Passing Constitutional Carry legislation is part of Luther’s campaign platform and has been a top priority of the Republican Party of Texas for the past 6 years. Her opponent, State Representative Drew Springer, has never backed Constitutional Carry since he came into office back in 2012.

“State Representative Drew Springer claims to be ‘pro-gun,’ and yet he repeatedly refused to co-author Constitutional Carry every year that it was introduced,” commented McNutt. “Pro-gun Texans in Senate District 30 need a leader who is willing to fight for the Second Amendment like Shelley Luther, not another political backbencher looking for a job promotion.”

Should Constitutional Carry be passed, Texas would be the 16th state with this law.

Thanks to the political establishment’s constant legislative roadblocking, Constitutional Carry has had a considerable amount of trouble in being passed in the Lone Star State.

With politicians like Luther potentially in the mix, Constitutional Carry has a stronger chance of being passed.  America First patriots living in Texas Senate District 30 should resoundingly vote for Luther due to her firm commitment to limited government.

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