Anti-Gun Students Refuse to Mention Shooting Stopped by Armed Guard

Following reports of a shooting in Maryland, student “organizers” of the March for Our Lives planned for this Saturday began tweeting their outrage. That outrage quickly turned to silence when reports came out that a school resource officer shot and killed the shooter before he could do more than injure two students.

Just as reports were coming in, Emma Gonzales, who is perhaps the most well know anti-gun student activist Tweeted out her sympathies along with a call to action.

David Hogg, who has also been extremely vocal, re-tweeted a tweet from his classmate Jaclyn Corin, but has otherwise been silent.

Once reports began coming out that the shooter was stopped by an armed resource officer, the Tweets stopped, and none of the students chose to acknowledge the officer’s heroic actions.

Gonzales has been a vocal advocate against having guns in schools. In an interview with 60 Minutes, her main point against teachers being armed was that her school ran out of paper.

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