MoveOn.Org Fuels Anti-Trump Protests in NYC

In a display of immaturity characteristic of the leftist base, anti-Trump protesters took to streets around the country. The excuse given for the protests was the Presidential firing of former attorney general Jeff Sessions.

In reality, the far left can’t get over that the President won. It’s hard to forget the initial tremendous opposition by leftists to Jeff Sessions.

This reporter captured video and a picture of the Move protestors who took to Time Square. At times they demanded that the duly-elected President “has got to go.”

One protester was seen wearing a quote attributed to communist icon Che Guevara. This is no doubt the work of the “resisistance.” This protest revealed the unreasonable nature of the Left Wing grassroots.

The left now believes the president is no longer allowed to fire cabinet officials. This is a right granted by the constitution.

The protest wasn’t massive yet it was another reminder of how loony the far left truly and how they refuse to accept the result of the 2016 election. That’s why they’ve taken to the streets and gained support from the fake news media.


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