Antifa Activist Arrested, Bombs and Guns Found At His Home

Update at bottom

In a situation largely ignored by the mainstream media, a 43-year-old man in Sioux Falls, South  Dakota was arrested in connection to a string of burglaries. After being arrested, police found multiple items related to the left-wing terrorist group Antifa, along with bombs and guns in his home.

Authorities connected the man, Mark Einerwold, to three separate burglaries throughout the months of June and July. A search warrant was served at the man’s residence in Sioux Falls on Tuesday, where the aforementioned items were found.

While police are not aware of his intentions, they surely were sinister, and the charges against him are almost certainly going to be severe.

Along with the police finding multiple firearms, they found a homemade firearm suppressor. Even owning the firearm suppressor is going to bring hefty charges that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) will be more than happy to pursue.

Police also found multiple completed explosive devices, along with aluminum nitrate and aluminum powder, which are often used to make explosive devices, having no other use.

Sitting alongside items related to Antifa, was other items indicating extreme hatred for law enforcement and government. Authorities did not further explain what those items are.

Big League Politics has extensively covered Antifa, a so-called “anti-fascist” collective which has a long history of violence, racism, and full-on terrorism.

The mainstream media often ignored violence committed by antifa, while condemning conservative activists who defend themselves against their violence.

Just last month, the pro-free speech group Patriot Prayer, held a rally in Portland, Oregon that quickly delved into violence after Antifa supporters began throwing explosives into the crowd. At that particular event, the right-wing fraternal organization Proud Boys defended supporters of Patriot Prayer, often being forced to engage in defensive violence. After the event, most mainstream media outlets decried the defensive actions of the Proud Boys, while ignoring Antifa’s violent actions.

When reviewing the facts, it becomes clear that Antifa have been the aggressors in virtually every act of political violence in the past year. Antifa members like Mark Einerword are dangers to the communities around them, and should be investigated by federal authorities as such.

Big League Politics will continue to bring you the truth about Antifa violence in America, and will update you on this story as developments come in.

UPDATE: Upon publishing this story, new information came out based on social media posts made by Einerword that cast doubt on his affiliation with Antifa. Multiple  posts on a Facebook page appearing to be his show signs of somebody with right-leaning political views, and not of somebody affiliated with Antifa. We will keep a close eye on developments to this story, and update it as needed.