Antifa Attacks Lauren Southern and Luke Rudkowski With Urine at #MarchAgainstSharia (VIDEO)

Flicker/Creative Commons

Author and political commentator Lauren Southern, and independent journalist Luke Rudkowski were attacked with urine on Saturday during a counter protest against the anti-Sharia march in New York City.

In nearly 30 cities across the nation, concerned citizens gathered to protest against Sharia Law and its barbaric customs. In many of the cities, counter protesters including members of AntiFa arrived to defend Sharia.

Rudkowski, who was not protesting, but was at the event to cover it for his YouTube channel, was not just assaulted with urine. Prior to that disgusting act he was also punched by one of the counter protesters.

“After I was punched, the cops jumped around me preventing me from hitting the guy back and allowing him to get away,” Rudkowski told Big League.

The police told Rudkowski to just leave the area and asserted that they did not see the assault.

“It was right in front of them,” Rudkowski said, doubting their claim.

After the violence was allowed to go unchecked, Rudkowski and Southern were attacked with a brown liquid — which they believe was urine mixed with another unknown substance.

“AntiFa ran up to us tried to stop us from walking. They put flags in front of us — and one of their members threw brown liquid at us from a glass jar,” Rudkowski said. “It smelled horrible.”

Despite the vile nature of this assault, the police still refused to get involved and make arrests.

“They ran into the situation after the piss was thrown.  We let them know who had thrown it, but they didn’t care,” Rudkowski told BLP. “They just told us to leave and once again stepped between us — allowing the AntiFa to get away.”

Rudkowski says that he and Southern are now going to see a doctor to get checked out.

“I’m frustrated with the NYPD not only for not doing their job — but on top of that preventing people from finding the person who did this to us,” Rudkowski said. “And for just pushing us away when we told them what happened.”

Shockingly, this is not the first time that Southern has been attacked by leftists flinging urine.

In March 2016, a bottle of urine was dumped on Southern as she attempted to interview protesters outside an event where Augustus Invictus, a lawyer and former US Senate candidate for the Libertarian Party, had been scheduled to speak.

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