ANTIFA, BLM Mob Assault Conservative Reporter Jack Posobiec After Statue Destruction Fails

Conservative commentator and OANN reporter Jack Posobiec was assaulted by a mob of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter militants while documenting an operation attempting to destroy an iconic statue of Abraham Lincoln in Washington D.C.’s Lincoln Park on Friday.

Footage of the scene showed a sizable mob of mask-clad ANTIFA militants swarming and rushing Posobiec after he left Lincoln Park. The leftists had been prevented from destroying the iconic statue of Lincoln, by fencing surrounding the monument and the nearby presence of law enforcement.

Posobiec was doused with liquid by the militants of ANTIFA at one point in the confrontation. ANTIFA is known to deploy potentially lethal poisons against those who oppose their vision of a liberal tyranny, including Portland reporter Andy Ngo.

The leftist mob, which numbered in the dozens, was persistent in swarming Posobiec, pushing, shoving and grabbing him as he left the park. Eventually Posobiec departed beyond a formation of D.C. Metropolian police, whom the mostly millennial leftists lacked the courage to confront.

One figure associated with the mob demanded that Posobiec identify his vehicle to the mob, claiming that the left-wing criminals were his “escorts.” At least one ANTIFA tried to steal Posobiec’s phone, hoping to avoid publicization of their criminal activities and their intent to destroy the statue of Abraham Lincoln.

At one point during the event at Emancipation Statue Poso stared down a masked and belligerent ANTIFA militant, refusing to back down in the face of the leftist authoritarian demanding his submission.

The leftists insulted Posobiec, a mainstream center-right conservative, as a “Nazi” as he departed from their presence. Posobiec, a U.S. Navy veteran, announced that he was filing a police report with the US Park Police after being assaulted numerous times by the rabid left-wing criminals on camera.


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