Antifa Calls For Unrest — Even if Milo’s Free Speech Week is Cancelled

Alexis Gravel/Flickr/Creative Commons

Even if they get their way and Milo Yiannopoulos’ Free Speech Week gets called off, members of Berkeley Antifa and the popular anarchist website It’s Going Down are calling for unrest to still go on as planned.

While Yiannopoulos insists that the event will be happening, there have been many questions and a wave of uncertainty surrounding speakers and the scheduling. The student group that was in charge of organizing the four-day-long event, the Berkeley Patriots, have also pulled out over issues with the university.

Still, even if the left wins and nobody gets to speak — the petulant militants known as Antifa can’t pass up an opportunity to protest and act out. It remains unclear what exactly they would be protesting, however.

“Regardless of whatever happens with Milo’s shit show – tomorrow #BayArea will turn out against Alt-Right trolls backed by billionaires,” It’s Going Down tweeted along with a flyer for a march.

The march is scheduled to take place on Saturday, the day before Free Speech Week is expected to kick off. Billed as the ‘March Against White Supremacy,’ it is scheduled to kick off at noon on 63rd and Adeline.

As Amy Moreno reported for TruthFeed, It’s Going Down frequently publishes works from people bragging about their criminal actions, provides suggestions on derailing police investigations into Antifa cells and individuals by filing false reports.

“Let’s make sure that any real messages from citizen-snitches get drowned out by a cacophony of white noise,” It’s Going Down suggests.

The website was also used by members of Antifa to take credit for detonating an explosive device at an Exxon Mobil facility in Mexico.

After a group of terrorists used explosives on police vehicles in the Mexican city of Ecatepec de Morelos, It’s Going Down published a manifesto stating that “violence can and should be demystified and made commonplace, made available to any individuality, without turning to professionalism or revolutionary heroism.”

“Utopia and revolution interest us little. We want revenge. We have no program or ideology, we just have our guts, our delusions, selfish desires, whims, tantrums, etc,” the manifesto continued.

Meanwhile, as these black-clad hooligans urge people to create chaos in the city even if Yiannopoulos no-shows, a police investigation is underway over right-wing free speech supporters using chalk and putting up posters on the Berkeley campus.

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