ANTIFA Requires Police Escort to Flee From South Dakota Bikers’ Rally

A group of ANTIFA thugs was forced to flee from a South Dakota town on Saturday after attempting to crash an event put on by some area motorcyclists.

Some leftist protestors arrived to make trouble at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, held in the town of Sturgis. They were easily outnumbered by bikers, who generally trend to the political right, but they still thought they could get away with crimes, property violence, and damage.

ANTIFA tried to start a fight, and was promptly dealt with by the local bikers. One ANTIFA militant with purple made the choice to kick a biker’s vehicle, possibly assuming that the man wouldn’t defend his bike and would instead behave as a feckless California liberal.

The assumption turned out to be dead wrong. After a brief brawl, ANTIFA was forced to flee under police escort.

The individual who attacked the motorcycle was taken in police custody, and will perhaps face accountability for their criminal actions.

Turns out the purple haired militants aren’t as tough as they seem when they aren’t backed up by millions in funding from Soros NGO’s, left-wing Democrat city councils, and neutered police departments that have been ordered to serve the interests of the left-wing antifa rioters.

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