ANTIFA Thug Marquise Lee Love Arrested in Curb Stomping of Portland Motorist Pleads Guilty, Sentenced to Twenty Months

A Portland ANTIFA rioter who viciously attacked a motorist who was mobbed by a gang of leftist militants plead guilty to counts of third-degree assault and felony riot on Monday, accepting a plea deal in which he was sentenced to 20 months in prison.

Marquise Lee Love attacked a man who had already been badly beaten by ANTIFA thugs during a street riot in August, kicking a man in the head after he had been pulled out of his vehicle.

The altercation between Love and his victim began when the “armed security guard-” with an extensive arrest and criminal record- rioted in the streets of Portland with the usual mob of leftist hooligans. The mob, illegally assembled in public roadways, claimed the beating victim was trying to “run over” ANTIFA militants when he tried to escape from a crowd of leftists who were surrounding his vehicle. He crashed his car and was mobbed by a crowd of antifas, who proceeded the beat the seriously the man in city streets without fear of the feckless Portland Police Bureau.

The victim of the beating was placed into a coma from Love’s gutless cheap shot kick to the face for several days, although he appears to have made at least a partial recovery from his injuries.

The video of this assault is violent and shocking. It outraged our community and nation. We are fortunate that the victim’s injuries were not as severe as it first appeared they may have been,” said Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt, a leftist Democrat who has staunchly refused to prosecute ANTIFA militants who engage in violence in the citys streets.’ “In the days, weeks and months after this assault, detectives with the Portland Police Bureau worked quickly to identify the suspect and complete the investigation. This is a proper resolution. Marquise Love is accepting responsibility for his actions and the punishment.

Thankfully, this thug who previously bragged of being an “armed security guard” will no longer be legally eligible to possess any weapon more modern than a cap-and-ball revolver.

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