ANTIFA Thugs Brutally Beat Portland Man Unconscious While Rioting in Streets

ANTIFA militants brutally beat a Portland motorist on Sunday night, with one left-wing thug kicking the man squarely on the back of the head and rendering him unconscious.

The footage was caught on camera, revealing a pathetic cheap shot on the part of an antifa who attacked a motorist from behind. The man had already been pulled out of his vehicle and badly beaten by a gang of antifas, who objected to him defending another individual who was being assaulted by the mob.

The Portland police have been totally absent without leave on the streets of downtown Portland on Sunday, opting instead to hover around police stations and a handful of buildings, allowing ANTIFA to terrorize the public as they please.

The man was initially beaten by a gang of Antifas, who claimed they were only detaining him until the police arrived.

Additional footage reveals the start of the confrontation. The motorist had tried to flee the mob of antifas, only to crash into a barrier after the left-wing criminal mob slashed his tires.

The motorist was stone-cold unconscious, and photography of the victim showed him bleeding heavily.

The criminals of ANTIFA continue to act with impunity, having been handed a de facto immunity card from left-wing Portland District Attorney


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