ANTIFA Thugs Set Fire to Federal Courthouse in Portland…Why Isn’t This Called an ‘Insurrection’ or a ‘Coup’ by the Media?

Far-left ANTIFA terrorists set fire to a federal courthouse in Portland, Ore. on Thursday night, and the shocking scene was caught on video.

Journalist Andy Ngo posted the video of the fire while claiming that people were inside the building as ANTIFA thugs set it ablaze.

That video can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on how the feds have ignored ANTIFA violence and looked the other way, letting left-wing militants go free in many cases to get back on the streets and commit more acts of senseless destruction:

The federal government is quietly dismissing dozens of ANTIFA-related cases in Portland, Ore. despite the fact that the terror group has waged war on the city for months, KGW8 has discovered.

According to the federal court records, 31 of the 90 cases have been dismissed by the Department of Justice. Four of the individuals with dropped charges had been charged with the felony crime of assaulting a federal officer. They are free and back on the streets of Portland to participate in the ongoing revolution against civil society with their comrades once again.

KGW8 notes that half of the dropped charges have been “dismissed with prejudice,” which means the cases cannot be brought back to court. Former federal prosecutors told KGW8 that these types of dismissals are incredibly rare. This suggests that the feds are giving special treatment to the ANTIFA shock troops that were so influential in hurting President Donald Trump last year.

The feds have also broken their promises to the people of Portland that they would hold terrorists accountable who have been waging sustained war against the city.

Meanwhile, Democrats and their fake news media partners are pushing propaganda calling the mostly-peaceful protest in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6 an “insurrection” or a “coup.”

Big League Politics has reported on how the Democrats are exploiting the small amount of violence that took place in and around the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 to bring the war on terror to the homeland:

Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee implied that every protestor who was outside of the Capitol on January 6th should face criminal prosecution in a Tuesday tweet threat, utilizing a “guilt-by-association” theory more commonly associated with the criminal justice system of third world countries.

Jackson Lee falsely claimed that the 40,000 protestors who arrived in the area of the Capitol in January all intended to overturn the election by killing the Speaker of the House, Mike Pence, and Members of Congress. In reality, there’s little to no reason that anyone outside of small handful of easily manipulated cosplayers intended to become seriously violent.

Only a small minority of the protestors present at the January 6th protest engaged in any criminal trespassing and violent conduct. Peaceful protestors present at the event in fact urged those breaking boundaries to stop, likening them to Antifa criminals. Hundreds of individuals present at the event are being prosecuted- in some cases, on dubious grounds. Jackson Lee’s proposal would criminalize peaceful protest in a direct fashion.

Jackson Lee compared the peaceful protestors to Portland’s enduring anarchist criminal movement, ignoring that the January 6th event hasn’t repeated on a nightly basis in a fashion analogous to the anarcho-tyrannical city. While street criminals have been arrested at the Portland protests, Multnomah County’s left-wing prosecutor, Mike Schmidt, has consistently dropped criminal charges against nearly every arrestee involved in left-wing street violence.

Left-wing domestic terrorists are a privileged class in Biden’s America. The rule of law has been decimated by Democrats, and they are working to implement further measures that will put the nation beneath the boot of an Orwellian technocracy forever.

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