Antifa Uses Parkland Shooting To Call For ‘Abolishing Whiteness,’ ‘Abolishing Police’

A prominent Antifa group is using the Parkland school shooting in Florida to call for “abolishing whiteness,” “abolishing patriarchy,” and “abolishing police and prisons.”

The Antifa and likeminded anarchists claim in a new pamphlet that Nikolas Cruz was a racist and misogynist, that it’s “no coincidence” the shooting happened during the presidency of President Donald Trump, and encourages people to shut down schools, downtown areas, and “the whole system.”

A pamphlet that directs people to “It’s Going Down,” an Anti-Fascist (Antifa) website, and the anarchist group Crimethinc, is blaming whiteness, the police, and the patriarchy for the February school massacre, in which the Broward County Sheriff’s Office stood outside and allowed the killings to happen.

“To the Students, You are the people who best understood the danger posed by Nikolas Cruz. You know that NIKOLAS CRUZ WAS VIOLENT, RACIST & MISOGYNIST and the adults did nothing,” the pamphlet states.

To be fair, the Antifa group is also strongly against gun control, which it rightly believes has a racist history and would do nothing to stop school shootings.

“YOUTH POWER! Abolishing Patriarchy, Abolishing Whiteness, Abolishing Police & Prisons, Abolishing Authority: There is no safety without self-determination. Let’s face it. School itself is violent & oppressive. Let’s strive toward more egalitarian forms of education and relating to each other,” the flyer states. “It’s not a coincidence that Cruz’s violent rampage happened under Trump, whose rise to power has encouraged both Nazis and men who are threatened by feminism and racial equality.”

“Walkouts have been powerful. DREAM BIG. If you can shut down a school, why not shut down downtown? Why not the whole system that creates racist, misogynist violence?”

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