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ANTIFA Victim Andy Ngo Fights Back After Fake News Hit Job Smears Him as Right-Wing Extremist

Ngo cleared the air in an op/ed for Spectator USA.




Journalist Andy Ngo, formerly of Quillette, suffered a brain bleed at the hands of ANTIFA terrorists who tossed a milkshake likely containing quick-dry concrete at his head earlier this summer, but that hasn’t stopped the fake news from smearing him as an extremist.

Ngo was shown in a livestream video near Patriot Prayer, a conservative group that stands up against ANTIFA terrorists who regularly lob death threats toward fair-minded journalists like Ngo, as they prepared for a likely confrontation with ANTIFA domestic terrorists in the streets of Portland.

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Fake news outlets such as the Daily Beast, VICE, Media Matters and others seized upon this video to detail a conspiracy theory that Ngo was aiding and abetting right-wing extremists, and implied that he deserved the vicious gang attack that left him hospitalized.

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Ngo corrected the record and defended his reputation in an op/ed published by Spectator USA.

“In disinformation campaigns designed to destroy a person’s reputation, lies are mixed with kernels of truth to make it difficult for even good-faith readers to discern fact from fiction,” Ngo wrote.

“What is indisputable is that a selectively released, non-continuous video by a pseudonymous Antifa activist on a leftist blog shows me standing near right-wing activists on a street shortly before a brawl on May 1 in Portland. What’s false is the defamatory claim that I had knowledge of a violent criminal conspiracy,” he continued.

Ngo was pilloried by the fake news for cracking a smile while talking to an activist in the area. He compares the ongoing smear campaign against him to what the media did to Nick Sandmann and the Covington Catholic kids after they were confronted by belligerent race hustler Nathan Phillips.

“When people who are perceived to be right-wing smile, it’s often taken as sinister evidence: remember the Covington schoolboys. A viral post on Twitter took the lie a step further, claiming I was ‘laughing.’ This lie has been repeated unchecked in various ‘news’ stories,” Ngo wrote.

Ngo made the point that he ended up being assaulted by ANTIFA terrorists on the day the video was captured, with masked assailants spraying chemicals into his eyes.

“I retreated from the area, then began to record again while standing behind a van on the street,” Ngo wrote about his reaction following the brawl that day. “It was here that a masked person suddenly ran up and sprayed me point-blank in the face with a chemical that burned my eyes and skin. I was totally blinded.”

Ngo made the point that law enforcement refuses to do anything to stop the ANTIFA terror threat that has taken hold of Portland, likely at the behest of Mayor Ted Wheeler, while the patriots who stand up against them are harshly punished.

“I have repeatedly reported what happened to me to the Portland police that night, but there have been no arrests in relation to my attack, despite several images being provided to authorities of at least one attacker,” he wrote.

“Six right-wing suspects, including Joey Gibson, have been arrested and charged in recent weeks for their alleged role in the brawl. Cider Riot is also suing most of the same individuals in a civil lawsuit for $1 million,” Ngo added.

After the vicious attacks put him in the hospital, Ngo – a homosexual Asian liberal – has become one of the top targets for destruction by the organized Left. They want to destroy his reputation so ANTIFA, guarded by institutional power, can continue their street rampages with impunity.

“To go from being a victim of multiple assaults to suddenly accused of being the violent aggressor or complicit in the acts of others, is the type of gaslighting I am used to by now,” Ngo wrote.

“The ‘damning’ video purporting to show me conspiring in a violent attack, which shows nothing of the sort, is just the latest in a string of lies designed to intimidate me into silence since the brain injury I sustained in June failed to silence me,” Ngo added.

However, Ngo refuses to be silenced or demonized. He will continue his journalistic mission exposing ANTIFA, something that he has arguably been more effective at doing than anyone else, even though it has come at great expense to his own personal safety.

Fake News Media

HYPOCRISY: Liberal COVID-19 Alarmists Who Denounced Lockdown Protests are Silent about National Riots

They have shown how coronavirus panic was manufactured.



Far-left hypocrites regularly admonished anti-lockdown protesters for peacefully demonstrating for their livelihoods as spreading COVID-19, only to cheer on violent race riots throughout the country days later and ignore any negative public health implications.

The Resurgence writer Drew Holden created a compilation of the greatest hits of lying liberals engaging in blatant double-standards regarding the coronavirus:

He started by calling out former Clinton operative and CNN hack Joe Lockhart for his despicable comments:

Holden moved onto obsessive Never Trumpers, Tony Posnanski and Kurt Eichenwald for completely changing their tune:

He moved on to profiling some of the most disgraced public officials across the country, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer:

He profiled New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, who has been one of most belligerent leaders throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and Washington Post neoconservative Jennifer Rubin for their partisan flip-flopping.

Holden hammered transgender cretin Charlotte Clymer and Julia Ioffe, who writes for GQ Magazine now that nobody reads it:

CNN Political Analyst April Ryan and Russia-gate truther Scott Dworkin were exposed as well:

The co-hosts of Pod Save America, an anti-Trump podcast, made fools of themselves too:

Holden closed his thread by exposing CNN host Soledad O’Brien for her colossal levels of hypocrisy:

The anti-quarantine protests have been vilified constantly despite the fact that they happened throughout the nation without any violence, and have served as golden examples of effective peaceful protest.

Big League Politics reported on protests like “Operation Gridlock” that have emerged across the country:

On Monday, individuals convened in the downtown area for an “Operation Gridlock” protest, based off of last week’s wildly successful demonstration in Michigan against anti-Trump Governor Gretchen Whitmer, whose lockdown policies are among the most strict in the nation.

California Governor Gavin Newsom might be giving Whitmer some competition, as his state bureaucrats have arbitrarily banned a certain type of rally. It is unknown whether they plan to lock up protesters if they disobey the new edict.

“In the interest of public safety and the health of all Californians during the COVID-19 pandemic, effective immediately the California Highway Patrol will deny any permit requests for events or activities at all state facilities, to include the State Capitol, until public health officials have determined it is safe to gather again,” the CHP said.

Because protesters did not comply with arbitrary social distancing mandates and protested as they wished, California is punishing them as a consequence.

The protest was put on by the Freedom Angels, a group that organizes to prevent mandatory vaccinations. They are urging people to stand up to prevent their rights from being taken away during these troubling times.

“This is the time for people to take notice and really evaluate the freedoms they’re giving up, all in the name of perceived safety,” said Freedom Angels co-founder Heidi Munoz Gleisner in a Facebook video.

“People need to get back to work, get back to life, get back into contact with their loved ones who they’re isolated from, they need to be able to have a paycheck,” group co-founder Tara Thornton said to The Sacramento Bee, which interviewed her during the demonstration. “This is the grounds they will enslave us upon.”

The leftists have proven with their brazen hypocrisy that destroyed the economy and shut down society with ginned up coronavirus hysteria just to hurt President Trump’s re-election chances. These enemies of civilization need to be brought to justice for the damage they have caused.

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