AOC Deletes Tweet Celebrating Oil Prices Tanking, Costing American Jobs

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez deleted a Monday tweet celebrating the tanking of oil and natural gas prices, explaining that she would hope to use the crash of the energy industry to force a Green New Deal program on Americans.

The price of oil declined below $0 a barrel on Monday, jeopardizing the American energy industry and threatening millions of American jobs involved in the production of natural gas.

Ocasio-Cortez is an advocate of a Green New Deal program in which all fossil fuels would be phased out of use and replaced with dubious and expensive renewable energy sources.

Ocasio-Cortez walked back her celebration of the energy industry tanking in a subsequent tweet, again seeking to use the development as an opportunity to implement a Green New Deal.

The Freshman Member of Congress is yet to provide a clarification on why she deleted her initial tweet stating that she loved to see the oil industry contract, although it’s clear she was shamed into deleting it after realizing the callousness of the message to millions of American workers.

It’s likely that oil and natural gas prices will bounce back up before long, as more Americans go back to work and begin fueling cars and trucks again. But the industry, which employs more than 10 million Americans, could be in for a rough period. Looks like the New York congresswoman has no sympathy.

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