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AOC-Endorsed Candidate Flames Out Against South Texas Democrat Incumbent



Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar, one of the last Blue Dog Democrats left in Congress, was able to defeat progressive darling Jessica Cisneros, a 26-year-old immigration lawyer propped up by the Justice Democrats, on Super Tuesday.

However, the race was close.

The Dallas Morning News reported that the eight-term incumbent only defeated Cisneros by a 52-48 margin.

Cisneros positioned herself as a progressive and called out Cuellar for his moderate stances. She also received glowing endorsements from Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Cuellar, who is supported by both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Koch family, defended himself against Cisneros’ attacks. Cuellar criticized her for being out of touch with the district’s centrist tendencies

Even in defeat, Cisneros held her head high. On Wednesday, she declared that “this is just the beginning.”

“The first thing we had to defeat was the culture of fear — and our movement was victorious in proving we’re within striking distance of bringing fundamental change to South Texas,” she declared.

Texas’ changing demographics may prove to be beneficial for Cisneros in the long-term.

Post-1965 Immigration Act voting trends and overall public policy views from certain groups such as Hispanics favor Democrats and their more radical factions.

Issues ranging from gun rights to free speech could be on the chopping block if these trends continue unabated.

The 2020 will be the most important decade for immigration reform.

If Republicans don’t get their act together and embrace comprehensive immigration reduction, they will have rendered themselves politically irrelevant.

Even worse, the Historic American Nation will cease to exist.


Starbucks Barista FIRED After Refusing to Wear “Pride” T-Shirt for Religious Reasons, According to Lawsuit

She is a Christian and was apparently told by her manager that she didn’t have to wear it.



A former Starbucks barista is filing an unlawful discrimination lawsuit against the coffee giant, claiming they fired her for refusing to wear a “Pride” t-shirt that violated her Christian religious convictions.

Betsy Fresse started working as a barista in December 2015. After transferring to a Glen Ridge, New Jersey, store in early 2019, managers apparently “assured” her that her Christian faith wouldn’t be an issue.

Then in June 2019, she noticed a box of Pride shirts on a desk and asked if they’d make her wear one. Her store manager said she wouldn’t have to, but two months later she found herself out of a job after being terminated by a district manager.

A notice of separation claims that Fresse was fired for violating Starbucks’ “core values.” It specifically mentions an incident where she said her colleagues “need Jesus” when given the “Pride” shirt.

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Starbucks maintains that “no part of our dress code requires partners to wear any approved items that they have not personally selected” and that Fresse’s claims are “without merit,” in a comment to the New York Post.

So Starbucks denies that she was fired for not wearing the shirt, yet their notice of separation appears to claim that they fired her for something she said about Jesus. Not a good look either way.

Fresse is seeking backpay, punitive damages, money to cover the cost of an attorney, and a permanent injunction that prevents Starbucks from “failing to accommodate […] sincerely held religious beliefs.”

Starbucks has long been a major player in the world of Woke Capital. Back in February Big League Politics reported on how the British branch of Starbucks was raising money for a pro-transgender lobbying group:

The U.K. branch of Starbucks is raising money to push for the chemical castration and surgical mutilation of children.

Nathanael Blake at The Federalist reported that the multinational titan is selling special mermaid-shaped cookies to help the pro-transgender lobbying group Mermaids. Curiously, the group’s founder took her underage son to Thailand to undergo a castration procedure.

Blake correctly observed “That Starbucks is supporting this group illustrates how thoroughly radicals have conquered both the LGBT movement and corporate culture.”

He also called attention to how “In a few years the fight has shifted from government recognition of same-sex relationships as legal marriages to mastectomies, sterilization, and castration for children.”

Here’s hoping that Betsy Fresse is successful in her lawsuit.

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