AP Deletes ‘Offensive’ Tweet to Please Leftists, Gets Bashed By Leftists Anyway

The Associated Press learned the hard way Monday that it is impossible to please the angry grievance-mongers on the political left.

“We’ve removed an tweet from Oct. 21 that said a migrant caravan in Mexico was ‘like a ragtag army of the poor.’ That wording was poorly chosen and has been removed from our coverage of the caravan,” the news organization said.

In short, AP was shamed by the political left into deleting its prior coverage because the leftists found the words “offensive.” But the retraction did not deter the leftists, who will always find something to be outraged about.

“And then repeated [the wording] in our retraction. Just in case you missed it the first time,” said Twitter user Janet Johnson in response.

“Even ‘caravan’ feels to me you’re not looking at this from a purpose of the actions by a group of displaced individuals’ perspective but hey here we are,” said Twitter user Andriaan Bester.

This reporter has no idea what that sentence even means, other than that Bester does not like the word “caravan” being associated with the foreign invaders.

Speaking of “invaders” a Twitter user called “The Hoarse Whisperer” was displeased with AP’s wording.

“‘Hi, we made the suffering and underprivileged sound like invading militants and just in case you missed, here it is again.'” You’re class acts, AP. Class. Acts.”

These people must be a bundle of fun at parties.

Perhaps the AP has learned a lesson today. Bending a knee to social justice warriors never works. Why bother?

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