Apprehensions at the Southern Border are at Record Highs

President Joe Biden’s visit to the southern border at El Paso, Texas on January 8, 2023 generated all sorts of national attention. 

Throughout the Biden regime’s time in power the border has been porous. With record numbers of apprehensions made by border patrol agents.

The situation has gotten so bad that red states have had to send illegal aliens to sanctuary cities in blue states as a way to demonstrate what the socio-economic costs of mass migration look like. By pulling such political moves, Republican governors have been able to put the immigration issue back at the forefront of national discussion. 

Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge noted that the present migration crisis has a unique dimension to it when it comes to the nationalities in question. According to figures from United States Customs and Border Protection, the fiscal year of 2019 witnessed a surge in illegal aliens apprehended at the Southern border, which was largely propelled by arrivals from Central America. The Trump administration implemented policies such as Remain in Mexico — a measure that forced asylum seekers to stay in Mexico as they waited for US immigration courts to handle their asylum cases — and Title 42 — a public health order issued in 2020 that allowed border patrol agents to quickly deport illegal aliens who reach the border —  to stem the flow of illegal aliens. 

Over the last two years, illegal aliens from Central America and other countries have made the illegal invasion numbers swell. Traditionally, Mexican immigration dominated the ranks of illegal alien inflow. For perspective, CBP data indicated that over 1.64 million people, primarily Mexicans, were arrested at the southern border. 

However, those numbers have dropped since the Great Recession that caused work opportunities to dwindle in the US, while Mexico experienced improved economic prospects and an aging population — a development that increased labor demand in Mexico. That said, immigration from Mexico has climbed upward for the fifth consecutive year.  

In 2022, the total number of non-Mexican nationals apprehended at the border nearly reached 1.5 million. Roughly a third hailed from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, which is an 80% decrease from 2021. Indeed, there is a more diverse cohort of migrants coming into the US now, which goes to show that the country has become a magnet for illegal alien invaders across the world. 

The US is witnessing the Great Replacement unfold before its very eyes at an alarming rate. What’s at stake here is the demographic and cultural integrity of the Historic American Nation. A serious, nationalist political class are the only political actors equipped with the tools to tackle this existential crisis. 

Unfortunately, they still have a ways to go to take power in the Republican Party. If nationalists aren’t successful in taking over the GOP, the Historic American Nation will disappear into the annals of history as a new era of multicultural tyranny is ushered in.

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