‘Apprentice’ Fan Banned From Twitch for Using ‘Trump’ in Username

Twitch Bans Trump Supporter The Apprentice

A Reddit user revealed he was banned from the popular live streaming platform Twitch for having a nickname based on President Donald J. Trump’s hit TV show “The Apprentice”, on an account he created in 2011.

Reddit user Teape showed emails revealing he was banned from Twitch last year for having an “inappropriate username” on an account he created in 2011. His Twitch username was D_Trump_Apprentice69, a reference to the president’s hit reality TV show that ran for 10 seasons before President Trump ran for president.

“This type of activity is not permitted,” a Twitch representative wrote in an email to the user, before encouraging him to review the platform’s policies “regarding Violence Against Others and/or Hate Speech.”

He was originally permanently IP-banned from Twitch for the pro-“Apprentice” nickname, and after contacting the platform had had the IP-ban reversed but continued to lose access to his account.

On his Reddit post, Teape wrote “I have never been racist or hateful on twitch, and I got perma banned for ‘hate speech’ because my name had Donald Trump in it.”

“I made my username back in 2011 before Trump even thought of running, for context,” said Teape. “Getting punished for [liking] the Apprentice apparently.”

This would seem to be part of a pattern for Twitch.

Earlier this month, Big League Politics reported that a far-left Twitch user and popular video game streamer Destiny advocated “real violence” against conservatives during a Twitch stream, and received no response from Twitch when we asked for a comment about why the user is allowed to do so on its platform.

Big League Politics reported:

Donnell, who has grown a reputation for using crass language to describe his views, told his guest that he “hates” conservatives, and has moved on to the “real violence level” when it comes to how to deal with them.

“You really do hate conservatives, don’t you?” Asked his guest during the Twitch live stream, to which Donnell responded in the affirmative.

“Very much so,” he said. “I’ve moved full on to the political violence level, or the real violence level, when it comes to conservative people.”

It appears the only way to understand Twitch’s policies is ideological: conservatives can be banned for a username with “Trump” featured, while leftists can threaten and advocate “real violence” against their political opponents with impunity.

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