Are DHS Agents Spying for the Chinese Communist Party?

Thanks to mass migration, the United States has become vulnerable to subversion from the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP has exploited the US’s immigration system, especially its legal system, to embed spies and other Fifth Column agents within its borders — all of this designed to advance the CCP’s interests at the expense of the US.  

Thanks to this penetration, the CCP has been able to socially destabilize the US. According to a report by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge, a Department of Homeland Security and a Department of Human Services in addition to three other suspects are now facing indictments for “acting as Chinese agents” while spying on outspoken dissidents and opponents of the CCP while living stateside.  These agents shared activists’ sensitive information, which even included passport information of one individual’s daughter. 

Durden noted that the Department of Justice revealed the case back in May. However, more details have recently surfaced. 

China is notorious for its disinformation campaigns. For example, Durden pointed out that the CCP launched a disinformation campaign designed to “blame the US and Fort Detrick for the Covid-19 virus and the pandemic comes to mind.”

Durden added, “Many Americans (and likely paid disinfo agents) were spreading the propaganda despite the fact that there was zero evidence of Fort Detrick as the source and extensive evidence that the area near the Wuhan Virology Lab was ground zero.”  

One of the most amusing pieces of news to come out in recent months was the Biden regime’s decision to shut down a Justice Department effort to confront CCP espionage. It did so on the grounds that this program allegedly saw many cases of racial profiling against US residents of Chinese origin and Chinese Americans. Political correctness is truly suicidal when it becomes embedded in public policy. 

In light of these developments, one can expect CCP mandarins to be rubbing their hands together knowing that they can penetrate the US with relative ease. The combination of a mass migration system that the CCP can legally exploit and politically correct interior enforcement policies make it easy for China to set up shop in the US and subvert it from within. 

Everyone is obsessed about Taiwan, the South China Sea, the East China Sea, and the Indo-Pacific. This is largely the product of people operating under 20th century assumptions of warfare which no longer have much relevance. China has learned the lessons of Imperial Japan, which did a copy and paste of European style expansionism in East and Southeast Asia that resulted in it getting burnt to a crisp by the US at the end of World War II. China has taken this historical lesson to heart and has subsequently pursued more of a 4th generation style form of warfare that counts on the weaponization of immigration to project influence inside of the US. 

The whole point of this combined with China’s economic efforts is to become a premier world power without having to fire a shot. One of the most pragmatic ways to contain China’s rise is to limit, if not completely ban immigration from China. That combined with an economic decoupling from China will allow the US to delay China’s launch and maintain its role as an economic juggernaut — all without having to get into a military conflict with China. 

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