Arizona Bill to Require Proof of Citizenship Before Voting is Now on Governor’s Desk

Last week, the Arizona State Legislature passed legislation that would require citizens to provide proof of citizenship before voting in the state. 

House Bill 2492 would require Arizona voters to provide citizenship on voter registration documents. 

According to a report by Isabel Van Brugen of The Epoch Times, On March 23, 2022, the State Senate passed HB 2492 by a 16 to 12 vote. Van Brugen noted that 12 Democrats voted against the bill and 2 other Democrat Senators — Lela Alston and Juan Mendez — did not vote on the legislation. 

The Arizona State House has already passed this bill by a vote of 31 to 26. Under this bill, the county recorder or any other officer tasked with running elections must discard any application for voter registration that does not have sufficient proof of citizenship.

“The Attorney General shall prosecute individuals who are found to not be United States citizens,” the bill stated. In this case, the bill was referring to non-citizens who try to register to vote. 

Arizona Democrats are convinced that the measure is an attempt to suppress the vote in an increasingly competitive state.

Arizona’s Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs urged Ducey to veto the bill. She went on Twitter on March 25, to announce her move to get this bill vetoed. 



It cannot be stressed how important it is to pass such legislation. Democrats understand the mass migration game and how it’s their one-way ticket to electoral hegemony. Republican states need to crack down on efforts to expand the voter base. More importantly, they’ll need to become more proactive in putting the clamps on mass migration. 

The Left is smelling blood in the water. With the Sun Belt becoming much more competitive due to demographic shifts brought about by mass migration, the stakes are high. Any type of amnesty — official or de facto— will make these areas become out of reach for Republicans and ultimately consolidate the managerial state.

It’s no exaggeration to say that not addressing the national question will result in the death of the Historic American Nation.

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