Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to Back Curriculum Transparency Legislation For State’s Public Schools

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has announced he intends to present a curriculum transparency law before the state legislature in the next legislative session. Ducey was speaking at the state capitol on Wednesday.

Public school systems across the country have increasingly sought to hide the content of their curriculum from parents who oppose anti-white Critical Race Theory indoctrination in classrooms. A school district in Minnesota recently censored entire pages of documents in response to an open records request from parents, potentially violating state law related to the redaction of documents.

It’s not entirely clear what the curriculum transparency law Ducey plans to propose will entail, but it’s likely the law would require school systems to thoroughly reveal what they’re teaching in classrooms. The law would act as a check on CRT in schools, which often is advanced in the midst of secrecy and a lack of transparency.

The law would follow a scandal in Scottsdale’s school district, in which President Jann-Michael Greenburg was caught monitoring and surveilling parents who oppose mask mandates and CRT indoctrination with the use of private detectives. Greenburg was stripped of the Scottsdale Unified School Board presidency, and faces a recall election from parents incensed with his unethical and invasive practices.

Ducey declined to back another proposal backed by gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, which would involve the installation of camera systems in classrooms. Ducey warned that such a proposal would represent a threat to children, and that predators could potentially exploit the system.

Parents are welcome to participate of course in their child’s education. There’s no bigger force multiplier than a good school along with an involved parent. But we want to do it through transparency in the curriculum,” said Ducey of his plan.

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