Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Vetoes Bills to Ban Critical Race Theory and Protect Election Integrity

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey recently vetoed legislation that would have banned critical race theory and protected election integrity.

Ducey blamed the lack of a budget for his decision to veto the legislation to fix Arizona elections and protect children from being indoctrinated with anti-white, anti-American poison in the classroom.

Authentic Republicans, like Arizona GOP chairwoman Kelli Ward, called out Ducey for his extreme cowardice.

One of the bills vetoed by Ducey is Senate Bill 1074 (SB1074). This legislation would have banned government officials from participating in any training “that presents any form of blame or judgment on the basis of race, ethnicity or sex.” House Bill 2792 (HB2792) would have made it a felony for election officials to send mail-in ballots to individuals who had not explicitly requested them.

Big League Politics reported on how Ducey worked with Democrats to sweep election fraud under the rug and rubberstamp the rigged farce that occurred last November:

Throughout the day, hearings are being held by members of the Arizona state legislature in which explosive accusations of fraud are finally being revealed to the public at a time in which the fake news media refuses to cover them…

In a slap to the face of all the brave whistleblowers who have emerged to expose the fraud, Ducey announced he would be certifying the dubious vote while the hearing took place.

“The votes have been tabulated, all 15 counties have certified their results. In addition to certification, the senator-elect Mark Kelly winning the general election, I will be signing official documentation today to be hand-delivered to the secretary of the United States Senate so that America’s newest senator can be sworn into office as swiftly as possible,” Ducey announced…

Ducey even made a post on his Twitter account celebrating “the success of our election system,” which may be a tacit admission that he has been in on the steal all along…

Ducey, like Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, has shown where he stands under the pressure. He has joined the color revolution coup against President Donald Trump and revealed himself as a modern-day Benedict Arnold at war with the U.S. Republic.”

Ducey, a favorite of deceased former Sen. John McCain, is as much of a RINO as his songbird idol. He will be remembered among the weakest men who failed their country when it was imperiled.

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