Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs Puts Forward $40 Million Handout for Illegal Aliens to Attend State Universities 

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs wants to use a taxpayer-funded handout to help illegal aliens attend state universities and colleges. 

During her inaugural address on January 9, 2023, Hobbs promised to expand Arizona’s Promise Scholarship Program — a program designed to assist low-income students pay tuition and fees to attend universities. In addition, as John Binder of Breitbart News noted, Hobbs wants to create the “Promise for DREAMers Scholarship Program” that will “cover all students, regardless of immigration status, who attend a public university.”

At its core, Hobbs’ program would allocate $40 million to illegal aliens in an effort to get them enrolled at state universities and colleges. According to some estimates, 2,000 illegal aliens stand to benefit from Hobb’s school program every school year.

Binder observed that Hobb’s proposal comes following Arizona voters’ decision to approve a Republican-promoted law (Proposition 308) that grants in-state tuition to illegal aliens. The vote scrapped a ban on in-state tuition for illegal aliens that voters passed in 2006.

As Binder highlighted, American students in Arizona have to cough up significant amounts of cash to attend college. Average in-state tuition is roughly $4,500 but college attendance costs go northward of $20,000 when books, supplies, and room and board enter the equation.

The Hobbs administration is clearly following the Great Replacement script her party is promoting. Part and parcel of this agenda is the use of the state to privilege non-white groups and other groups who did not found nor build the Historic American Nation, at the expense of legacy Americans. 

States like Arizona, who have greatly been impacted by mass migration, will be testing grounds for such efforts. Right-wingers in these states must make it a point to stop all immigration and substantially reduce the power of the diversity industrial complex. If the right is caught sleeping here, states like Arizona will become permanently blue. 

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