Arizona Gun Store Owner Believes a Biden Presidency Would Devastate the Second Amendment

AWR Hawkins of Breitbart News reported on an Arizona gun store owner’s belief that a Joe Biden administration would devastate small gun vendors and fundamentally undermine the Second Amendment.

Breitbart reached out to George Urmston, the owner of Cave Creek Guns located in Phoenix, Arizona. In their correspondence, there was a major focus on Biden’s proposal to impose a tax of $200 on AR-15 rifles, and on any other rifle that falls under the category of “assault weapon.” In addition, they talked about the $200 tax Biden plans to slap on “high capacity” magazines.

Urmston believes that these taxes would slam small businesses like his firearms store and make it nearly impossible to stay afloat. He expanded on how such a tax would impede his business’s ability to operate:

People are already paying an elevated price for guns and accessories, due to basic supply and demand. The demand for guns right now is through the roof and the supply is not sufficient to keep up with demand. So people are sometimes paying an astronomical price just to get the peace of mind the Second Amendment provides. Add a $200 tax to a rifle already in high demand and that would put an immediate damper on business.

The gun store owner also talked about how Biden’s proposal to gun and magazine taxes, combined with Biden’s plans to implement a one-gun-a-month firearm purchase limit, universal background checks, and resurrect Social Security gun ban, would “erase Arizonans’ Second Amendment freedom.”

Urmston was explicit in his view that the Biden administration presents an existential threat to the right to bear arms:

[It] would erase our freedoms and liberties, from the inside. Biden and his administration would hit us where it hurts, would constrict our ability to produce and supply Americans the freedom that they are allowed. And this is not like past elections, these people are getting smart. They are literally focusing their energies on taking away our freedom.

The Arizona gun store owner asserted that 30 percent of the gun purchases realized at his store in 2020 were made by first-time buyers.

Urmston is very confident that first-time gun buyers could serve as a potential voting bloc that President Donald Trump and the Republican Party can tap into.

He stated, “As far as Arizona goes, we have this mass influx of people from California. They are coming here and they continue to vote the way they did to ruin their state. But what can change that is the fact that we have so many first time gun buyers flooding into our store. And when they come in, concerned over civil unrest, you can see this fear in their eyes. You see this look, like they’re fully exposed. So we not only sell them a gun, but we would send them with firearms instruction and information on instructors. They would come into the store a few weeks later and they exuded a confidence that you cannot believe, and that was from the peace of mind that they got from being able to protect their families.”

Urmston is of the opinion that buying and receiving firearms instruction “changed the way they will live their lives,” and influence the way new gun owners will vote. Arizona is a Second Amendment bastion. Its gun laws are among the best in the nation, which has earned it a 1st place ranking in Guns & Ammo magazine’s annual rankings for most pro-gun states.

With how close the race in Arizona has become in the 2020 election, the Trump campaign should continue to press forward with a strong pro-Second Amendment message.


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