Arizona House Passes Law to Nullify Biden’s Federal Gun Control

The Arizona House passed a law to nullify federal gun control measures last last month, establishing the state as a Second Amendment sanctuary. State Rep. Leo Biasiucci’s Second Amendment Firearm Freedom Act would nullify any new federal gun control laws restricting gun rights, citing the unconstitutionality of the Biden administration’s support for “assault weapons” bans, attacks on online firearms transactions, and forced registry of semiautomatic rifles as NFA items.

The law passed the Arizona State House in a 31-29 party line vote in February.

We’re Second Amendment friendly. We love our law-abiding citizens, gun owners,” Biasiucci told the Epoch Times. “So I have a bill HB 2111 … it’s very simple. It says if the federal government changes anything at the federal level, Arizona is not gonna play. We’re not going to use money. We’re not gonna use resources to comply—if they ban AR-15 and they try to come in and start arresting people. Not gonna happen in our state.”

The law- or a similar proposal currently being prepared by Arizona Senators- has a strong chance of passing Arizona’s State Senate, where Republicans hold a two-seat lead. If signed into law, Arizona would be the biggest state to pass a Second Amendment nullification provision that blocks federal gun control proposals, following Missouri, Wyoming, South Dakota, Tennessee, Kansas, and Alaska.

The Second Amendment Firearm Freedom Act would institute state criminal penalties for law enforcement officials that attempt to enforce illegal gun grabs.

Biasiucci touted the law as an invitation for firearms companies to move to Arizona, citing respect for gun laws and a pro-small and medium business economic atmosphere.

I ask all these gun manufacturers come to Arizona. We got low taxes. We’re trying to drop our income tax again this year. We’re gonna try to move it to a flat tax. We have a lot of land, business-friendly. We’re open for business. So I tell everybody: hey, come to Arizona, the land of the free over there, the last frontier.

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