Arizona Libertarian Candidate is Being Bankrolled by Democrats

Marc Victor, the Libertarian Party candidate for Arizona’s United States Senate seat recently sparked controversy during an Arizona Senate debate where he said that the   age of consent laws should be “up for a vote”. 

Victor is 53 years old, which made this already ridiculous policy proposal sound even more deranged. 

However, Victor’s sketchiness doesn’t stop there. 

According to a post by Space Worm of ZeroHedge, at least 95% of Victor’s donations came from Democratic PACS and individual donors. Curiously, all of the donors come from outside of Arizona. 

Some of the PACS bankrolling Victor are “Stop the Republicans”, “Defend the Vote”, “Save Democracy in America” , and the “Defeat Republicans PAC.”

Space Worm highlighted one of Victor’s most prominent donors: 

Roughly half of Victor’s non-PAC donations originate from the Conway family, donating through various family members to circumvent the Federal Election Commission’s max donation laws, which limit individual donations to $2,900 per election. The Conway family contributed nearly $50,000 to Victor’s campaign. Ronald Conway, the head of the family, is considered one of Silicon Valley’s original ‘super angels’ with early investments in Airbnb, Facebook, and Google. His donation history includes $2.5 million to Ashton Kutcher’s “Stand with Ukraine” GoFundMe, over $200k in support of San Francisco Mayor London Breed, and $25,000 to the “Protect & Defend Trans Youth Fund”.’

The whole purpose of these Democrat donations to Victor are about taking votes away from Blake Masters, the America First candidate running to challenge Democratic incumbent Mark Kelly. Libertarians have a bad track record of functioning as spoilers in elections, as they usually take away votes from Republicans. 

Space Worm was able to reach out to Victor, who told him that “I’d take money from the Communist Party of China” as long as that money can be used to spread the message of liberty, the non-aggression principle, and capitalism.”

Space Worm also got Victor to expand on his age of consent comments:

Addressing his “age of consent” comments, Victor acknowledged he could have used a better example, but that he was not advocating specifically for lowering the age nor was he exclusively referencing sexual consent but other privileges such as drinking, smoking, and voting. Currently, 31 states have a minimum age of sexual consent at 16 years, 6 states place it at 17 years, and 13 states at 18 years. Victor believes these issues, and others, are better decided at the local level.

Overall, libertarians must learn to use political nuance and recognize that the nationalist moment is not going away anytime soon in American politics. If Victor were smart, he’d drop out of this race to make sure that a solid America First candidate like Masters could actually win.

There’s no need to give Democrats an easy win in a race where an America First candidate has a strong chance of winning.   

On a broader note, many libertarians effectively advance the agenda of the cultural Left, albeit in a privatized form. From their support of open borders to sexual deviancy, libertarians have effectively transformed into the Pinkertons for the present managerial regime that aims to upend basic human relations and usher in a globalist order completely bereft of national identity. 

Libertarians would be wise to cooperate constructively with the right-wing nationalist movement and not try to be its enemy. Being one of the principal actors that helps the Cultural Left attain cultural and political hegemony is one role that libertarians should never embrace. Hopefully, they get the memo soon.

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