Arizona Parents Sue School District Over “Creepy Dossier” Containing Sensitive Info

A group of Arizona parents are suing their school district, alleging that it compiled a “creepy” dossier of sensitive information on them in retaliation for their protests against critical race theory (CRT) and the district’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The lawsuit, filed last week in federal court, accuses the Paradise Valley Unified School District of violating the parents’ constitutional rights by collecting and disseminating information about their political views and personal lives.

The suit says the district began compiling the dossier after several parents spoke out at public meetings against the district’s embrace of CRT, which they said was being taught to their children without their consent.

The district also allegedly began monitoring the social media accounts of parents who were critical of the curriculum.

The Washington Times broke the story claiming: “The goal of defendants’ conspiracy was clear: to silence and punish dissenting voices and frighten away other potential speakers who might dare express an opposing point of view.”

The suit further alleges that:

“They amassed reams of public and private information about the plaintiffs, including information related to plaintiffs’ jobs, businesses, finances, medical history, family history, housing situation, and children.”

“They videotaped, photographed, and recorded the plaintiffs and their children. They used fake names and accounts to stalk plaintiffs’ social media activities and publicly berate them using false and grossly contorted information from their expansive dossier,” it continued.

More specifically, the parents accused school board president Jann-Michael Greenburg; his father, Mark Greenburg; and Mark Greenburg’s wife, Dagmar Greenburg, of collecting over 100 GB of sensitive data that could have been used as potential retaliation.

According to the first Blaze report back in November, the dossier also included Social Security numbers and divorce decrees on over 50 parents. The dossier was first found because the school accidentally shared it with a parent.

According to the lawsuit, the illegal collection of parents’ data comes as a response to a private Facebook group called the SUDS Community Advocacy Network (CAN). The group which counted over 1700 members, was very critical of CRT and mask mandates for children and advocated for change within the school district.

Following the Blaze report, a petition seeking Greenburg to step down gathered over 1200 signatures. However, he denies any involvement with the dossier.

Both an independent and police investigation failed to find any criminal activity, but that won’t stop parents from seeking justice.

Word of caution for Democrats: Don’t mess with parents.

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