Arizona Sheriff Threatens to Capsize Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s Border Wall Project 

Will a rogue law enforcement officer derail Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s border wall project?

Santa Cruz County Sheriff David Hawthorne described Ducey’s makeshift border wall, which is made up of double-stacked shipping containers, as a form of “illegal dumping” on December 11, 2022. He announced that he would be taking action against anyone continuing to construct the border wall in his county, per a report by Fox 10 Phoenix.

Back in August, Ducey announced that he was using the containers to plug in gaps at the southern Arizona border “regardless of location,” per a report by The Hill. Hawthorne proclaimed that Ducey doesn’t have the authority to put the containers on federal and national forest land, according to a report by Fox 10 Phoenix. 

“It’s not state land, it’s not private land, and the federal government has said this [is] illegal activity,” Hawthorne commented. “So just the way if I saw somebody doing an assault or a homicide or a vehicle theft on public land within my county, I would charge that person with a crime.”

Back in October, the Biden regime was also critical of Ducey’s project and called on him to halt all construction along the Arizona border and take down the shipping containers. The Biden regime argued that this land was federal property and belonged to the Cocopah Indian Tribe’s West Reservation. 

In response, Ducey sued the federal government on October 21.

“Arizona is going to do the job that Joe Biden refuses to do — secure the border in any way we can,” Ducey commented. “We’re not backing down.”

With Katie Hobbs about to assume the governorship, it’s very likely that Ducey’s border wall project will be scrapped. This will allow for Arizona Democrats to continue their quest to elect a new people and demographically transform the state into a Democratic stronghold. 

Mass migration is the lifeblood of the Democratic Party and any efforts to undermine state and federal border security projects will go a long way in achieving this multicultural vision. 

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