Arizona State University Illegal Immigrant Group Organizes Protest to Bar Kyle Rittenhouse From Campus

Kyle Rittenhouse, center, looks back as Kenosha County Sheriff’s deputies enter the courtroom to escort him out of the room during a break in the trial at the Kenosha County Courthouse in Kenosha, Wis., on Friday, Nov. 5, 2021. Rittenhouse is accused of killing two people and wounding a third during a protest over police brutality in Kenosha, last year. (Sean Krajacic/The Kenosha News via AP, Pool)

A pro-amnesty illegal immigration group at Arizona State University is advocating a protest event in support of barring exonerated Illinois youth Kyle Rittenhouse from campus.

MECHhA de ASU is advertising a protest event against Rittenhouse’s presence at the school. Rittenhouse has revealed he plans to attend the school in a full-time capacity following his exoneration and full acquittal in a Kenosha county homicide trial.

MEChA de ASU turned off comments on its Instagram after supporters of Rittenhouse rebuked the racist separatist group for falsely slandering Rittenhouse as a murderer. The Illinois youth shot three men who attempted to kill him during an August 2020 Black Lives Matter riot.

The group, which advertises support of Hispanic identity politics and the reconquest of the southwestern United States as ‘Aztlan,’ is unwilling to tolerate the presence of Rittenhouse on campus. The group is known for its support of illegal immigration and amnesty program, organizing against Arizona’s SB 1070 and other measures intended to protect the citizenship of Americans.

MEChA demands Rittenhouse’s expulsion from the university, with the young man already taking online classes in pursuit of a certificate in nursing. The group cartoonishly labeled Rittenhouse a “bloodthirsty murderer” for acts of self defense, going on to call for the defunding of the ASU Police Department in favor a new multicultural center on ASU’s campus.

Rittenhouse has revealed he wants nothing more than anonymity and a normal life after its exoneration, but appears leftist militants of the same vein as his ANTIFA assailants intend to continue harassment and potential violence against him.

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