Arizona Suing Feds After Treasury Department Threatens to Usurp Money Over School Mask Mandates

The state of Arizona filed a lawsuit against the federal government on Friday, just days after Department of the Treasury threatened to usurp coronavirus stimulus relief money because of state programs that bar school districts from forcibly masking children.

The Department of the Treasury sent a letter to Governor Doug Ducey earlier this month demanding that the state redesign a $163 million education program partially funded by federal relief money, citing conditions in the Education Plus-Up Grant Program and COVID-19 Educational Recovery Benefit Program blocking funds for school districts that try to mandate masks.

The Treasury Department doesn’t just want funding that schools that muzzle their children. They want the funding to be expressly reserved for districts with mask mandates. An attempt to ban school mask mandates in 2021 was legally overturned, with various other incentives against forcible masking implemented by the state.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey provided a statement on the litigation, calling upon Joe Biden to cease his unconstitutional interference in Arizona education policy. “The Biden administration is attempting to hold Congressionally-appropriated funds hostage and is trying to bully Arizona into complying with this power-grabbing move,said Governor Ducey.They’re going after education programs that are designed to help kids access in-person instruction, ensure schools stay open and give parents the ability to make decisions that are best for their kids.

Science strongly indicates that mask-wearing is harmful to the personal and mental development of children, in many cases harming their socialization and emotionally stunting them. Children, who have extremely potent immune systems, are highly unlikely to become severely ill or die from the coronavirus disease.

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