Arizona’s Andy Biggs Introduces Legislation to Make Illegal Alien Voter Fraud a Deportable Offense

Arizona’s Rep. Andy Biggs has introduced legislation that would increase criminal penalties for illegal aliens convicted of fraudulently voting in federal elections. The Voter Integrity Protection Act was introduced to the House of Representatives on Friday.

The act would make illegal voting an aggravated felony, which would theoretically merit expedited deportation for those convicted of federal voter fraud. The existing penalty for casting a vote as an illegal alien is a mere year in prison and a fine.

Our elections have no room for fraudulent or fallacious voting, and illegal aliens who try to cast ballots to interfere in our nation’s elections must be held accountable and punished. Our sacred privilege to vote should never be diluted by illegal aliens,” said Biggs in a statement on the legislation.

American citizens have a tremendous privilege to vote in free elections to decide the future of our constitutional republic. American citizens alone choose our political leaders, which is why I am introducing the Voter Integrity Protection Act.

The 2020 presidential election is slated to include more mail-in ballot use than any federal election in history, and many states are using improvised systems of mail-in voting that they’re never attempted to use before. Additional criminal sanctions for illegal aliens considering voting with the hopes of sneaking in illegal ballots could be enough to deter them from defrauding state and federal election systems.

Although the Democrat-controlled House will almost certainly tank the election integrity legislation, it’ll be worth putting them on the record in the event that partisan Democrats attempt to call election results into integrity should Joe Biden lose in November.

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