Arizona’s Maricopa County Declares Itself a Second Amendment Preservation County

Arizona’s Maricopa County officially declared itself a ‘Second Amendment Preservation County’ with a vote by its board of supervisors Wednesday, making the Phoenix-area county the largest jurisdiction in the nation to align itself with the growing Second Amendment Sanctuary movement.

Maricopa County includes the vast Phoenix metro area and a population of 4.3 million people. It’s the fourth largest county by population in the entire United States.

The Second Amendment Preservation declaration voted upon by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is largely a symbolic gesture. The resolution initially prevented any county funds from being used to infringe on gun rights, a provision that was dropped from the declaration.

The declaration states that the county supports the right to keep and bear arms by its residents.

Democratic Supervisor Steve Gallardo tried to stop the pro-Second Amendment declaration, stating that it was “divisive” and “partisan.” It comes as a surprise to many law-abiding Arizona gun owners that standing up for their basic Second Amendment rights is so divisive.

Arizona currently has some of the most permissive gun laws in the country for a medium-sized state, being rivaled only by other western states with much smaller populations. Current state law allows for residents to carry weapons openly or concealed without a permit from the state.

However, as new voters move to the state, it appears the state’s pro-Second Amendment culture may come under threat. Arizona Democrats continue to propose wide-ranging assault weapons ban and gun registration legislation, with a boldness some would’ve assumed to be political suicide previously in Arizona politics.

The state is genuinely trending purple, and a possible takeover of one chamber of the Arizona legislature by Democrats could put an assault weapons ban push in full swing. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey hasn’t inspired confidence among Second Amendment supporters, either, having pushed Red Flag judicial gun confiscation as robustly as any other governor in the country.


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