Arizona’s Paul Gosar Will Push to Defund NPR Over Outlet’s Support for Joe Biden

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar announced he’d introduce legislation to defund National Public Radio, a federally-funded media organization that has taken to partisan defense of Joe Biden and Democrats.

NPR operates as a publicly-funded government entity, but its left-wing editorial stance has become increasingly obvious during the 2020 Presidential campaign. The outlet explained its editorial decision to smugly dismiss the Hunter Biden laptop story in a Thursday tweet, claiming the exposé of Biden family corruption and overseas business deals were a “distraction” and that NPR didn’t want to “waste the readers and listener’s time.”

Representative Gosar made it clear in response that the outlet had worn out its commission to be politically neutral, stating that it’s time for NPR to be defunded.

In its editorial explanation, NPR went with a talking point suggesting that the veracity of Hunter Biden’s email is unconfirmed, despite its contents being verified by numerous individuals who received emails sent from the younger Biden son. Both Bidens themselves have declined to actually deny the emails are authentic, instead ignoring the topic and calling discussion on Biden corruption “disinformation.”

Gosar later confirmed he’s instructed his staff to begin work on legislative proposals to strip NPR of its federal funding.

Former Trump administration Ambassador to Germany and Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell also slammed the federal news network’s left-wing bias in a Thursday tweet.

The handful of federally-funded “neutral” news agencies have become repositories for establishment liberal ideologues and Never Trumpers, with their political content at times suggesting to listeners that they’re unaware who the President is.


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