Arizona’s Rep. Paul Gosar Declares Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself in Coded Tweets

Arizona’s Congressman Paul Gosar is one of the plurality of Americans who doubt the official narrative of billionaire pedophile’s Jeffery Epstein’s death, and shared his views on the matter in a series of coded tweets on Wednesday.

Gosar kicked off one of twenty-three tweets on Wednesday with a tweet slamming Adam Schiff’s sham impeachment proceedings. The tweet began with the word ‘finally.’

In reverse order, the representative of Arizona’s Fourth Congressional district spelled out a secret message through the first letter of every tweet. Together, Gosar’s Wednesday tweets state that “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself.”

True to form, Gosar’s final tweet begins with the letter ‘E,’ alluding to the billionaire pedophile who mysteriously died in a New York jail before he could testify about the involvement of the global political elite in his longstanding sex trafficking and pedophile ring.

Gosar revealed the coded message to American patriots was no mere coincidence in a follow-up tweet, alluding to longstanding inquiries over supposed alien spacecraft at the U.S Air Force Base at Groom Lake in Nevada, known as ‘Area 51.’

Gosar’s tweets spoke more directly about impeachment inquiry proceedings in the House of Representatives. Democrats are currently trying to ram through impeachment through the chamber, despite the fact that convicting the President in the Republican-controlled Senate is no more than a fool’s errand.

As media liberals and scolds on Twitter try to write off skepticism of Epstein’s supposed suicide as mere ‘conspiracy theories,’ it’s been confirmed that a plurality of Americans refuse to buy into the narrative surrounding his seemingly inexplicable death.

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