Armed Black Activist Groups March in Austin in Favor of Immigration Restriction

On September 24, 2022 armed activists were joined by several groups of black self-defense organizations during a demonstration in front of the Texas State Capitol in Austin, Texas.

Curiously, these organizations were calling for immigration restriction and securing the border.

Several of the activists were chanting “close the borders” and “take your a*** home*** as they proceeded to march towards the Texas Capitol in the  “Amendment Unity Walk” on September 24.

The Elmer ‘Geronimo’ Pratt Pistol & Rifle Gun Club was leading the march. Their demands were diverse. They consisted of reparations for American descendants of slavery and the passage of a hate crime bill that would protect blacks.

This group faced strong opposition from several Trump supporters and other protesters who were congregating around the Texas State Capitol to support January 6 prisoners.

A “Second Amendment Unity Walk” took place at this march where demonstrators walked peacefully with firearms.

According to The Daily Mail, in addition to “The Elmer ‘Geronimo’ Pratt Pistol & Rifle Gun Club,” groups such as the Black Riders Liberation Party participated in the march.

‘Reparations now!’ the group yelled.

‘We don’t say ‘hands up, don’t shoot!” one demonstrator proclaimed. ‘Guns up!’ they chanted. ‘Shoot back!’

The activists continued their march across Austin while holding a massive sign that read “Reparations now!”

‘Close the borders!’ the groups chanted. One group chanted “build the wall.”

‘Immigrants, we’ve been here!’ another person shouted. “Take your ass home!’

“What do we want? Closed borders! When do we want it? Now!’”, the groups would continue chanting. Once they reached the capitol building, a speaker listed off the group’s political demands as “Reparations now, delineation, a stop to illegal immigration.”

Nick Bezzel, one of the activists involved with the pro-black organization present at the demonstration, revealed that these groups have plans of heading to the Texas State House in January to lobby for immigration restriction legislation.

“We do have a problem with illegal immigration,’ he stated. “Because a lot of times, jobs are taken away from Black people. Black people are locked out from employment due to illegal immigration.”

While many people will likely be scratching their heads at this scene, it’s not out of the ordinary. From Booker T. Washington to Barbara Jordan, there has been a strong proclivity for immigration restriction among the African American population.

Even in the present, “Foundational Black American” activists such as Tariq Nasheed back immigration restriction. The influx of migrants, especially Hispanics, has seen de facto ethnic cleansing of blacks take place in Los Angeles and Miami.

Just like mass migration displaces working class whites, this process also displaces blacks.

Perhaps blacks should set their grievances with whites to the side and make common cause with them to protect the Historic American Nation from the non-stop deluge of foreign migrants that has befallen the US.

Petty racial grievances will ultimately lead to the destruction of this great nation. Hopefully, the next generation of right-wing nationalists stick to their guns and make immigration a key issue that unites working class Americans of all races and creeds.

There is no need for racial pandering for this movement to come into fruition.

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