Armed Black Nationalists Stage Terror Display in Texas, Demanding Reparations From White People

An armed group of black nationalists staged a terror display in Austin, Tex. over the weekend as they toted weapons and marched demanding racial vengeance.

In their show of force, the coalition of anti-white racists yelled unintelligible low IQ gibberish seemingly to justify their demands for more welfare delivered on a strictly racial basis. They marched under a banner that said “Reparations Now.”

A full video of the display, captured by videographer Ford Fischer of News2Share, can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on the troubling trend of violent black nationalist groups using terrorism in order to inflict political domination over white people after being emboldened by Black Lives Matter’s revolution against civilization:

An armed black terror militia of hundreds menaced a courthouse on Friday after the sentencing was complete in the murder trial of fake jogger Armaud Arbery. Three men – Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael, and William “Roddie” Bryan – were sentenced to life in prison for killing Arbery as he lunged for a gun while fleeing a robbery scene.

Journalist Ford Fischer of News2Share caught footage of the terror march:

An organizer reported that various supremacist groups, including the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, Original Black Panther Militia, United Black Power Militia, Panthers Movement and Lion of Judah Armed Forces, participated in the armed terror march.

“These are black self-defense groups who are committed to organizing and defending our people on a permanent basis. We’re thankful that these defendants have been convicted, but the problem of our people has not been solved by one conviction. Our people must organize. Our people must train. Our people recognize the threat of the Klan, and the threat of white vigilantism in this area and all over the country is alive and well,” the organizer stated in his declaration of war.

The black terror groups menaced the courthouse to make it clear to observers that there will be severe consequences if the Black Lives Matter mob is not appeased by verdicts and sentencings. This is the new standard of justice in a nation occupied by diversity.”

It should come as no surprise to anyone that anti-white hate crimes are on the rise, with blood libels in the forms of hate hoaxes being so prevalent across the country. The enemies of decency are rapidly gaining momentum in turning the country upside down as most are too scared and cowed to confront them. Welcome to the United States of Somalia.

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