Armed Patriot Takes Down Would-Be Mass Shooter in Texas Church

An armed bystander that sprang into action when a wannabe mass shooter brandished a weapon may have prevented dozens of deaths at a Texas church Sunday.

A shooter who entered the sanctuary of the West Freeway Church of Christ was shot dead quickly after withdrawing a long gun from a lengthy jacket. An armed security guard standing behind the congregation was quick to withdraw a semiautomatic pistol and open fire on the armed man.

The gunman shot two members of the church congregation, including one man who appeared to be the church usher, before being neutralized by the good guy. Reports indicate the victims were taken to an area hospital in the Fort Worth suburb of White Settlement, and one of them died on route.

Four others were injured in the traumatic event, including some who appear to have been hurt diving to escape the sick gunman’s line of sight.

The shooting was captured on a livestream hosted on the church’s YouTube channel. Still images revealed the dramatic moment in which the trenchcoat-clad shooter was engaged by the armed church member.

The armed man who fired back at the would-be mass murderer has been identified by church members as a former FBI agent and a designated security guard for the congregation.

The event is undoubtedly a tragedy, considering at least one innocent church member was murdered by the thus-unnamed gunman and more were injured. But it is a great relief to see a bloodthirsty killer stopped in his tracks by an armed patriot, proving once again that armed Americans can serve as a deterrent to the plots of evil individuals who wish to inflict harm upon the general public.


Video of the event reveals how quickly the gunman was taken down by security.

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