Army Whistleblower: Mossad Set Up A Laptop Stand At The Mall Near An Army Base To Spy On American Troops

Operatives for the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, set up a laptop kiosk at a shopping mall near a U.S. Army base to sell laptops rigged with spyware to U.S. military servicemembers, a former Army intelligence analyst tells Big League Politics. And he said the U.S. military found out about it but kept it quiet.

Cody R., former Army intelligence analyst who served in Afghanistan, vowed to put his hand on the Bible and swear to the following story about how the “Israeli government has a mistrust in everyone, including its allies.” He said, “I was in the Intelligence field for several years. It’s a very delicate and difficult business.”

“In early 2012 I did my basic training at Fort Jackson, SC. After finishing Basic Combat Training (BCT) I was sent to Fort Huachuca, AZ to begin training as an intelligence analyst (35F at the time),” our whistleblower Cody R. told Big League Politics.

“Every Army base has a town next to it, this one is called Sierra Vista and it has a crappy little mall. Well after enough time in training you’re allowed to leave the base during the weekend as long as your back for evening and Sunday counts. Lots of soldiers hang out at the mall. All malls have those little kiosks that sell sunglasses and cheap jewelry and stuff,” our whistleblower said.

“Well at some point a laptop kiosk became a thing at the Sierra Vista mall. These laptops were the real expensive for the time. Somewhere between $800 and $1700. These laptops were however being sold at “deals” to service members for hundreds of dollars less the retail value. (It’s pretty easy to pick out service members, the hair, glasses, tan lines on wrists and age),” our whistleblower said.

“Well at some point it became knowledge on base about these laptops and that set off some bells and whistles in senior leadership. CID was dispatched to investigate. What did they find? These computer kiosk salesmen were Mossad Operatives and the laptops had software and hardware installed to spy. You could reinstall the software but the chips hardwired reinstalled and still gave them access to the keyboard, microphone, webcam and screen. Think about it, soldiers often take their laptops on deployment and OPSEC is often preached but isn’t always followed. There is the Israel I know,” our whistleblower stated.

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