“ARREST BILL GATES:” London Protestors Swarm Car Thought to Be Transporting Globalist Oligarch

Protestors halted a black car thought to be carrying corrupt oligarch Bill Gates on Monday night in London, demanding the arrest of the ultrabillionaire and globalist activist.

The car was arriving at 10 Downing Street- the residence of the British Prime Minister- where Gates had been expected to speak at a ‘Global Britain’ dinner to lay out his policy expectations of Boris Johnson and the British government. Protestors chanted “Arrest Bill Gates,” with police cordoning off the black car and keeping them away before the car escaped.

It’s unclear if the car was actually carrying Gates, although it’s a possibility as his presence was expected at the residence.

News outlet Subject Access published video of the protestors stopping what seemed to be Gates’ vehicle and demanding his immediate arrest.

Many of the protestors on hand voiced antivax sentiment. Gates has sought to establish himself as an authority figure on the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines, despite having no medical qualifications to speak of.

Gates has also become a target of criticism across political lines for his role as a key operative in the ‘Great Reset,’ a program proposed by global elites to redistribute property and wealth from the western middle class to the wealthiest individuals and most powerful corporations. Gates has become the single biggest owner of farmland in the United States, in a move heavily inferred to bring about the decline of meat as a staple in the western diet in favor of lab-grown and artificial replacements. Gates himself has openly demanded that western governments move to replace meat with labgrown slop, citing meat consumption as a supposed threat to the environment while running up a massive carbon footprint. 

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