Arrest Made for Attack On Conservative Student at UC Berkeley

University of California Police arrested a man named Zachary Greenberg Friday in connection to a brutal attack on a campus conservative organizer that occurred in February on the campus of University of California-Berkeley.

Greenberg’s mugshot all but confirms he’s the individual responsible for violently punching Hayden Williams, an organizer with the Leadership Institute who had set up a table on campus bringing attention to the prevalence of hate crime hoaxes.

A video of the interaction between Greenberg and Williams was recorded, and it depicted a struggle between the two men. Greenberg is alleged to have become incensed at the content of William’s presentation, and tried to knock the organizer’s phone out of his hand when he was recorded being aggressive. Not content to end the engagement there, Greenberg brutally punched Williams in the face before walking away- in a manner that can only be described as a pathetic cheap shot.

Watch here:

Greenberg’s actions stink of a coward’s move, plain and simple. His cheap shot blow came unexpected at the end, and left Williams with a pretty serious black eye.

Now, the leftist thug will face charges of assault with a deadly weapon in an attempt to cause great bodily harm. He’s being held on $30,000 bond and will be arraigned by a judge on Monday. Here’s his mugshot:

The consequences Greenberg will suffer for his actions could prove to be a deterrent for other violent leftists seeking to carry out hate attacks on conservatives and patriots. UC Berkeley has become known for a lack of willingness to properly and seriously confront leftist violence against right-wingers, and it seems like Greenberg is the first attacker in quite some time to face serious criminal repercussions for his actions.

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