New York City Man Arrested in Brooklyn Hate Hoax, Vandalizing Synagogues

A Brooklyn man has been arrested for a likely hate hoax crime and vandalism of four synagogues. 39-year old Emil Benjamin has been charged with criminal mischief as a hate crime and vandalism in connection with his crime spree.

While Benjamin targeted synagogues and Jewish centers, he himself is Jewish, having mentioned as such in 2011 in an incident in which he claimed he was attacked in an anti-Semitic hate crime.

The far-left Anti Defamation League had raised alarms about the series of four incidents.

The hate crime enhancements on Benjamin’s criminal charges are being kept in place, even though he appears to have been targeting his own community in what was likely a cynical ploy.

The crime against the synagogues is the latest in a long series of ploys in which someone targets their own community in what is little more than a publicity stunt.

Correction: The article has been updated to distinguish between the charged suspect and a different Emil Benjamin.

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