As Corporations Endorse LGBT and Abortion, Wendy’s Chooses to Promote Adoption

As “woke capitalism” becomes more prevalent and social justice dogma bleeds over into the corporate marketplace, one multinational – the restaurant giant Wendy’s – is bucking the trend and promoting life.

Wendy’s and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, named after the late founder of the fast food chain, are standing up to better the lives of children in the foster care system.

While liberals complain about conservatives not caring about children once they are born, a program created by the Foundation, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, finds homes for children who are older, part of a group of siblings, or have developmental disabilities.

This organization improves the lives of the downtrodden, children who would be aborted if leftist groups like Planned Parenthood had their way.

The Foundation is partnering with Snapchat to start the ‘Cause Cup’ program. Participating Wendy’s locations will give soft drinks that have a code on them to allow people to donate $5 toward the foundation, and giving more opportunities for disadvantaged children to live fulfilling lives with a family of their own.

Rita Soronen, who has served as the president and CEO of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption since 2001, hopes that this partnership with Snapchat will take their adoption program nationwide.

“In this country, there are 110,000 children waiting to be adopted. That’s a lot of children who are at risk of turning 18, leaving foster care without a family. They are much more susceptible to negative outcomes as adults,” Soronen said during an interview with Columbus Monthly.

They have tested out their methods in Ohio, and had great results by focusing their resources on understanding the children and treating them as individuals rather than cogs in a machine. Case workers are given resources and empowered to spend a great deal of time on children so that they can be understood and placed in homes where they can thrive.

“For the past four to five years now, we have scaled Wendy’s Wonderful Kids across Ohio. We’ve seen more than 330 adoptions finalized across the state. We know that it’s about $3 million a year to keep this program scaled in Ohio. Since we’ve had the program in Ohio, we’ve saved the state $64 million,” Soronen said.

“We’re saving children’s lives, and we’re saving critical resources at the state and county level. It’s that one-two punch that makes sense for states,” she added.

The Foundation has become one of the most successful charities in the country, and is using social media to actually make a positive difference for the lives of children.

When a pro-abortion leftist talks about what will happen to children if they are not murdered in the womb, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption can be used as one of many examples of Good Samaritans working to improve the lives of kids.

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