As Military Endorses Feminism and LGBT Agenda, The Marines Ban All Confederate Symbols

The “Stars and Bars” Confederate battle flag from the “American Nightmare VA” video produced by the Latino Victory Fund. (Screenshot)

The U.S. armed forces continue to embrace political correctness, announcing that all Confederate symbols will be banned from bases.

Commandant Gen. David Berger issued the announcement last week, making it clear that promoting feminism, supporting the LGBT agenda, and contributing to the American cultural genocide are priorities “for immediate execution.”

“Last week, the Commandant of the Marine Corps directed specific tasks be reviewed or addressed by Headquarters Marine Corps staff,” said Maj. Eric Flanagan, the spokesman for Berger. “Many of the tasks were published on Twitter Friday. Other tasks not published previously are mostly administrative matters.”

This follows alleged news that more military personnel were defined as extremists or white supremacists than ever before. Of course, those terms are highly subjective and largely defined by anti-Trump, far-left special interest groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

The Marxist academic establishment is very pleased with the direction the military is going in under Berger’s stewardship.

“We have the need within the country to try and create as much unity as possible and to suppress white nationalism and racism within the ranks of the military because, every once in a while, it crops up and causes an issue,” said Richard Kohn, a history professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The next target will likely be Army bases that are named after figures associated with the Confederate resistance against the federal government. After they are successful accomplishing that, the Founding Fathers, regularly maligned as racist slave-owners by Cultural Marxists, will be targeted by the forces of destruction next.

Big League Politics reported earlier this week on Berger’s virtue-signaling to feminists and LGBT activists:

Berger wrote in a series of tweets that the Corps must “revise the current parental leave policy to include parental leave for adoptive parents, to include same-sex couples.”

He also wrote that the Marines must “determine feasibility of identifying and recruiting for return-to-active-duty selected female Marines currently in the SMCR and IRR, with a focus on previously gender-restricted units and job specialties.”

Berger did not explain how feminist hiring mandates or catering to gay couples would actually make the Military a stronger or more formidable fighting force, but those goals are clearly now secondary in the age of political correctness.

The Marine Corps Times notes that there is already no difference in how same-sex couples are treated versus regular couples pertaining to military policy.

Maj. Craig Thomas, who works as a spokesman for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, said that the parental leave policy was updated in 2018. He told the Marine Corps Times that it “does not specifically use the terms ‘same-sex couples’, rather it incorporates gender neutral terms to ensure no Marine who rates parental leave is excluded.”

It appears that one of Berger’s top priorities for the Marines is just a platitudinous virtue signal to same-sex couples that does not even accomplish anything other than to codify support for the LGBT agenda into official military policy.

Berger’s mandate for a more feminist military, with more women in the ranks and serving as officers in the Marine infantry, would entail for certain gender-specific barriers to be removed. The only problem with this proposed change in policy is that women are often wholly unqualified for these roles.

The U.S. Armed Forces are being rapidly subverted by the enemies of America.

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