AstraZeneca Rebrands COVID-19 Vaccine After Public Becomes Aware of Its Dangerous Side Effects

The pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca is rebranding their COVID-19 vaccine as the public becomes aware of the dangerous side effects associated with the experimental vaccine.

They are calling their vaccine “Vaxzevria” now, changing it from the previously more generic name of “AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine.” Although the packaging may be different, the contents of the vaccine will remain the same.

The European Medicines Agency decided last week to allow the British-Swedish pharmaceutical giant to rebrand their COVID-19 shot as globalists attempt to salvage public support for the vaccines after adverse reactions have dominated the headlines.

Big League Politics has reported on European nations banning AstroZeneca COVID-19 vaccines after many recipients have experienced terrible side-effects, which have been fatal in certain cases:

Three European nations announced on Monday that they are banning AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine in their countries, at least temporarily, due to deaths and other complications.

German health minister Jens Spahn announced the “precautionary suspension” as part of the nation’s “open and transparent” COVID-19 vaccine regime. Italy and France quickly followed suit after Germany made the announcement...

Italy announced they would be suspending the AstraZeneca vaccine after a recent death made news and alarmed people throughout the country.

The Italian medicine authority AIFA announced the “precautionary and temporary measure” of the AstraZeneca vaccine and seized thousands of its doses from Piedmont to stop the poison from being distributed throughout the northern region.

While government officials in these countries seem to genuinely care about the health of their people more than Big Pharma’s profit margins, this is not the case in every nation throughout Europe.”

Rebranding is Big Pharma’s latest gambit to con the public into trusting the efficacy of potentially dangerous COVID-19 vaccines.

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