ASU To Force Masks In Defiance Of Governor’s Orders

On Wednesday Arizona State University announced that students and faculty will be forced to wear masks when inside many campus buildings, including classrooms where students are taught.

The announcement made on August 11th writes:

As announced on July 30, 2021, consistent with CDC guidelines for colleges and universities, ASU strongly recommends that everyone wear a face cover when inside a university building.

In addition, face coverings will be required in certain indoor settings, i.e., where distancing may not be possible. These include the following:

– Classrooms and teaching or research labs where distancing is not possible.
– All ASU clinical programs and centers that serve the general public, such as the ASU Health Centers, Child Development Laboratory, and Counselor Training Center (the “Programs”), whether on- or off-campus.
– Meeting rooms, workshop, design or production studios, and other indoor settings where distancing is not possible.

Additionally, consistent with CDC guidance, face covers may be recommended in selected outdoor settings or activities where distancing cannot be attained.

This comes after Arizona Governor Doug Ducey banned public universities of Arizona from imposing such a requirement, with his “Protecting Student Access To Higher Education” executive order prohibiting draconian measures on unvaccinated students such as repeated forced testing and masking.

Some of the more relevant lines of the executive order can be found here:

WHEREAS, on June 14, 2021, Arizona State University communicated a new policy to all students mandating that they be vaccinated prior to returning to campus for class; and

WHEREAS, the policy requires that students who are not vaccinated or choose to not share their vaccination status will be subject to invasive restrictions such as daiuly health checks, twice weekly testing and mandated masking wearing; and

WHEREAS, this policy has the potential to treat those with religious beliefs about vaccinations differently; and

WHEREAS, Article V, Section 4, of the Arizona Constitution provides that the Governor “shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed;” and 

WHEREAS, both federal and state law allow individuals the option to accept or refuse vaccinations…

Protecting Student Access To Higher Education

ASU concluded the announcement by saying that “the university continues to recommend strongly that people get vaccinated” not noting the irony of the school deciding to force masks on all attendees regardless of their vaccination status.

The school also appeared to threaten people with more draconian orders should vaccination rates not increase, saying “greater rates of vaccination are the best tool available to reduce the rate of transmission in the community, which could change the applicable face covering guidance.”

Officials from the university have yet to address their constant flip-flopping on various different COVID-19 related rules nor when they will stop these continued invasive rules that they are imposing on tens of thousands of affiliates.

Governor Ducey has not yet offered comment on the matter, and is expected to do given that it appears to be in direct violation of his previous order.

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